I have a busy career, always a lot of work with a lot of talking and persuading, uniting and binding stakeholders. Thrilling and exciting work. That had to be compensated with something to relax.

During the weekends I started painting. Thanks to my education as a garden and landscape architect, it was easy to express myself with pen, pencil, paper and brush. I never took any lessons, I just didn’t had time for it. Also, I didn’t want to take lessons because that would mean talking and talking again. Something I did whole week already. So, I am self-taught. Through trial and error I learned painting. Painting comes from within, by intuition and common sense.
I’m a painter for over more than twenty years now. The last few years I took more time to paint. The longer you can concentrate on one thing - painting - the better it is and the more you will invent.
Initially, I used a lot of colours in my own variations and combinations. Later on I combined that with more technique and composition.
I paint things around me, close and tangible. From bouquets to fruits, vegetables and things I see. I love it with the same intensity as I do my work.
Last summer, I discovered the beauty of vegetables. I paint vegetables bigger than life. Then I try to abstract it so the vegetable is less dominant and the composition itself has to do it. Various paintings form a so-called series from concrete to abstract.
In the meantime I have a collection of over 100 paintings, of which I proudly present a few on this website.



Riek Bakker schilderijen  portret